Make war with me, not memories.

& sign me up to be, the leading role in your suicidal misery.

friends only.
♥ ash

if you like my poems let them by e. e. cummings
if you like my poems let them
walk in the evening,a little behind you

then people will say
"Along this road i saw a princess pass
on her way to meet her lover(it was
toward nightfall)with tall and ignorant servants."


oh,what a riot.


[15:40] wilshire loves u: is this ashley?
[15:40] wilshire loves u: ashley riot?
[15:40] super any es: the one and only.


♥ sick.
♥ overworked.
♥ unchaste.
♥ vituperative.
♥ veracious.
♥ genius & adroit.
♥ dejected.
♥ renegade.
♥ amazing.
♥ inconceivably territorial.

you are nothing.

stop fighting.

aol instant messanger: superanyes
MSN: thiswayforever@hotmail.com

My name is ashleyriot & I am a nice girl, seriously. I would say that I enjoy the human race as a whole, & on a good day I would even say I love my country. I'm incapable of forming any sort of meaningful long lasting relationship. I would elaborate on this but there isn't anything else to say aside from the fact that I am utterly emotionally cataclysmic. Although I do quite ignorantly believe I have a soulmate and I will search for them for the rest of my life and all over the world if necessary. am done searching, fuck it.

I get restless quite frequently and move an average of twice a year - roughly every six months or so. I love to travel, read, and I am hopelessly romantic [this can be an issue in conjunction with the aforementioned emotional retardation I suffer from.] I am madly in lust with the English language [this equates into me being my number one biggest fan in the faucet of writing - mostly creatively]

I recently graduated and lost my mind, quitting my job and packing up all my belongings including my three cats into a small cargo trailer which I have lugged across fourteen states, and three Canadian provinces. I would like to see Ireland soon, and I am excited because I might have finally found a way home. ♥ you.

My recent travels have kept me a good distance from any sort of reliable internet connection, but when the world wide web is in ample supply I generally live within it. xboxlive is like my cybernetic vacation home, and I can quite frequently be found here. I am currently addicted to Halo 3, Guitar Hero III, and soon - Ninja Gaiden 2 (the growing number of sequels infecting my playlist leaves me wondering if there are in fact no revoluntionary & original titles being made anymore) If you are a fan of XBOX Live please feel free to send a friend request to the following tag; ashleyriott. You should probably inform me of who you are in your request - not because I am ultra exclusive and cool but because I have the same capacity for memory regarding names/people/games as let's say... a goldfish.
I love my friends dearly, however, I’m terribly picky about who earns that title. People don't really seem to take this seriously, but it's true.

I don’t enjoy any sort of negative influence on my existence, and the moment I feel you have become one I will immediately take abstraction action against your place in my reality. If this should occur - please take it with grace and dignity. After all, this really is only the internet. Furthermore, as stated previously, I live on the internet, I like instant messages, & I really am excited that I never get to see the people that I love face to face ever because they all live in different countries (blech) so if you message me chances are good that I will at least be civil, for the time that you have my attention. But I get up often & never say bye, once again - just a warning.
update: People who talk & judge really freak me out, & just a word of advice, you're not fooling anyone.

p.p.s. scene boys aint got nothin on us, baby.

♥ I believe in love at first sight.

p.p.p..s. I really, honestly, truly do not like mean people... at all.


♥ chantal
♥ myself
♥ william shakespeare
♥ langston hughes
♥ walt whitman
♥ e.e. cummings
♥ robert frost
♥ dylan thomas
♥ william blake
♥ t.s. eliot
♥ adolf hitler
♥ jean paul satre
♥ ralph waldo emerson
♥ louis de broglie
♥ galileo galilei
♥ thomas young
♥ jean bernard-leon foucault
♥ james watson
♥ francis crick
♥ erwin schrodinger
♥ karl marx
♥ aristotle
♥ charles darwin
♥ albert einstein
♥ sigmund freud
♥ mahatma gandi
♥ carl jung
♥ isaac newton
♥ oscar wilde
♥ stephen hawking

[from the girl who never knew regret - I'm sorry & I can't forget - you]

I can't forget anyone, I think about you everyday. I wonder if you have closure, if your doors are letting in any light? & do you miss me? Or could this be, the only way I could let you know that everything's alright?


In the middle of a gun fight.
In the center of a restaurant.
They say, "come with your arms raised high."
Well they're never gonna get me.


A Note From the Author



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